How to Keep a Gritty Mindset

Being gritty on a consistent basis can be tough. How can some people consistently make it into the gym while others struggle to find the motivation? Are you lacking some motivation gene that others have, or do they just want it more? No – they are no different than you. What makes the difference is the system that those individuals have in place.

Fitness enthusiasts or regulars at your local gym were not necessarily always motivated. It takes some getting used to before gritness becomes hard to shake. Here are six ways you can get motivated, keep gritty and make fitness part of your routine:

1. Keep track of progress

This commonly stated tactic doesn’t become gritty unless you do it! However, recording your progress for the same exercises every day is not the best idea. Depending on the person, small progressions can be seen as demotivating. Plus, your body needs time to heal and grow after you work out (giving it more than one day’s rest). Try documenting progress on a weekly or biweekly basis, and always remind yourself of your goals.

2. Reward yourself

Seeing progress? Achieving those goals that you set? Might as well reward yourself! What better way to keep motivated than putting on some new shoes, workout gear or even getting stocked up on some True Grit™ supps? Sporting something new is always good motivation – break it in by getting in the gym.

3. Make your goals known

You know your goals, but do those around you know them? Make your goals known to those that matter (or don’t), in order to be kept accountable. It should also push you to get into the gym, if not for your own sake, than out of the fear of embarrassment.

4. Want motivation? Surround yourself by some

There are tons of videos, stories, quotes, images and even public figures you can look to get some motivation! Even a workout buddy can help keep you on track and motivate you not only to get into the gym, but to push you through some extra reps as well!

5. Music

You know those songs that you can’t help but just get hyped over? Make a playlist with each one that comes to mind and use that as a way to get going and ready to dominate in the weight room.

6. Pre

Looking to take your motivation to another level, all while maximizing your pumps, increasing your power and improving your time to fatigue? True Grit™ Pre is your answer. Pre combined with any of the prior motivating strategies is a surefire way to make you want to get into the gym!



True Grit Pre is scientifically dosed to help you smash through training plateaus and build the physique you’ve always wanted.

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